Big Changes coming to CNS Mac Labs

With the efforts to Move all of our Authentication services to Active Directory, I am going to be creating a new image that is going to be deployed to CNS E201, E202, E204, and E210. I have inventoried all of the systems and I have a comprehensive list of all of the softwares that are installed. I am planning on having all of these labs imaged exactly the same with all of the softwares available in all of the labs.This will create a nice consistency so our students, and faculty will find a consistent experience across the board no matter what classroom they are in at any time.

Also, with Active Directory Authentication, we will be one more step closer to deploying our print management system, Paper Cut. This will be a huge money saving move for the University by controlling some of the printing waste that we have been witnessing around campus.

All of these Macs will be imaged with 10.11.X (El Capitan). I have installed the latest version of the softwares that are compatible with 10.11.X that we currently have licenses to have. Im sure there will be some bugs to work out but as always, please report them to 3900 and we will work to find a fix a quickly as quickly as possible.

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