Spring Break 2016 Update to Buck 204

We went through all of the computers in Buck 204 and updated Adobe Creative Cloud to its latest and greatest version.  We also updated Java, Flash, Chrome, and Firefox on all of the computers to the latest version as well.  We did some cleaning of the computer monitors and used Clorox wipes on the keyboards and mice.  This room is still on 10.9.5 and is still functional on all levels.  Please remember that this room has Deep Freeze and will erase all changes and anything that is not saved to the Thawspace.  The Thawspace is reachable via an icon on the desktop.  Please remember that anything put into this space is viewable by everyone and is cleaned out at the end of every term.  We are considering upgrading this room to Mac OS over the summer.  More to come on that as we know more. Also, Active Directory logging onto of the computers and a print management system is also still in the works for the entire campus.

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