Spring Break 2016 Updates to CNS E204 and E210

March 16, 2016

In efforts to try to keep the old computers in CNS E204 and E210 somewhat functional, I have installed the latest version of Google Chrome and made it the default browser on the Lab User account.  I had to do this since 10.6.8 is no longer supported with Java, Flash or other OS updates.  Chrome is the only browser that will work on most internet sites without getting any errors due to outdated SSL certificates or outdated plugins.  While in these rooms, we also installed the latest updates to Microsoft office 2011 and cleaned up the desktops by placing all of the desktop files into one folder. Xcode was also installed but since Apple make Xcode OS specific, it is an older version so be careful creating work on these computers.

These rooms will need to be upgraded over the summer to a newer OS to support newer softwares and internet protocols.

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