Follow Your Passion!

As a history major or minor, what capstone project do you long to pursue?   Let your history professors and peers know!  The History Faculty want to hear your ideas for exciting or stimulating senior projects.

This page is the accumulation of great ideas from IWU students, past and present.  If you want to add an idea, respond to one of the original posts!

What classes, whether History or GenEd, have you taken that you’d like to explore more in depth?

  • Perhaps you wondered in your modern China course how your millennial peers experience their society differently than you do…
  • In your math course, did you notice that Bacon explored mathematics and religion in combination and want to analyze why?
  • Have you wondered why or how some civil rights movements are more effective than others?

What skills have you learned in classes or through hobbies that could help analyze or present historical research?

  • Do you want to analyze camps and troop movements by mapping them in ArcGIS?
  • In film studies, did you learn how to create a documentary or historical movie and want to incorporate that presentation format into your final history project?
  • During your internship, did you fall in love with creating museum exhibits as a way of analyzing and presenting historical narratives?
  • Perhaps you learned interview techniques in class, so now you want to compare oral histories with the narratives in official government documents.

Do you have hobbies or passions of which you’d like to study the history and context?

  • Do you wonder whether the land granted to ornithology societies by the British monarchy were the first environmental preservation measures?
  • Perhaps you want to explore society as reflected in rock ‘n roll.
  • Have you ever wondered how a community constructs its morals through fairy tales?
  • Perhaps you want to explore how the history of substance abuse or pressure from drug cartels have effected state policies.
  • Are you fascinated by how Hollywood or other media sources manipulate perceptions of your favorite decade?

How could you combine your majors or minors into one project?

  • Political Science and History?
    • Examine cheating in US elections in the 20th century.
    • Compare US counter-terror measures between the Cold War era and post-2001.
  • Women’s Studies and History?
    • Analyze methods of controlling women’s sexuality in ancient Rome.
    • Dig into the prejudices against prostitutes in early 20th century vice reports.
  • Economics and History?
    • Compare the development of economic theories in the US and China.