Day 11: Anne Hutchinson

Anne Hutchinson

Everyone who took APUSH at PSHS get your groans ready, here comes someone whose name you probably still remember because she was apparently the only woman worth mentioning in the first part of the textbook. Thanks, College Board!

Day 11: Anne Hutchinson
Puritan, preacher

Anne Hutchinson was a key figure in the so-called Antinomian Controversy in Massachusetts Bay Colony. Hutchinson hosted gatherings of up to 60-80 people in her home to discuss her ideas about justification by faith– God could bestow favor upon you directly because you were faithful. This was extraordinarily controversial not only because Hutchinson was a woman and women were not supposed to preach, but because the ideas she was preaching went directly against the orthodox view that you needed to perform deeds to achieve salvation. Hutchinson was banished from Massachusetts Bay and went to join Roger Williams in what would eventually become Rhode Island.