Day 10: Mary Harris “Mother” Jones

Mother Jones

Today starts the abbreviated profiles that will make up the rest of the month. I kind of wish I had done this woman earlier in the month because she deserves a much longer profile. HIGHLY recommend looking into her more.

Day 10: Mary Harris “Mother” Jones
Labor organizer, union activist, absolute badass

Mother Jones was a successful labor organizer for the Knights of Labor and United Mine Workers union. In 1903, Jones organized children who worked in mills and mines to march from Kensington, Philadelphia to Oyster Bay, New York (President Roosevelt’s hometown) to protest child abor. She was dubbed “the most dangerous woman in America” and thrown in jail for her involvement in a violent strike in West Virginia. Jones was undeterred by this setback and continued to organize workers. In my opinion, all of us who consider ourselves activists and proponents of direct action should take a great deal of inspiration from this incredible woman.