Hawaiian words

During our second week, I started making a list of the Hawaiian words we have learned during our trip. Students have added to it (they have better memories), but it is still quite incomplete:

Aloha (hello, good-bye)

Mahalo (thank you)

Keiki (children)

Wahine (women)

Ohana (family)

Kapu (forbidden)

Hale (home)

Haole (foriegner, among other things)

Ho’oponopono (reconciliation, forgiveness)

Pono (respect, but much deeper than the English word conveys)

Sh-shi (urinate)

Lanai (porch)

Ono (good)

Huna (healing)

Kahuna (expert and then some)

Poi (taro paste)

Kumu (teacher)

Hui (pidgin; join/meet)

Hana hou (do it again, encore)

Hula (dance, of course)

Luau (feast)

Koa (pheasant)