Research and Public Health Wrap-up

Sunday, May 20th

We had a 3-hour class this morning.  I led a discussion on the program of research of a colleague of mine from the University of Nevada, Reno / Orvis School of Nursing.  Dr. Bernadette Longo is a nurse epidemiologist who studies the cardiovascular and respiratory health effects of living in areas close to active volcanoes.  She has visited volcanic sites in all of the Americas, and has collected data related to the Kilauea volcano for several years.

Kumu Lisa then led a discussion on current public health issues and legislation in Hawaii.  The session ended with a review of the “This is Public Health” photos submitted by the students.

In the afternoon, we had an informal discussion with David Gaynes, the man who arranged for Kumu Ehulani to teach us Hula on Saturday.  He moved to Hawai’i six years ago from the mainland, and felt an instant affinity with Native Hawaiian culture.  He is a software developer, who works from home.  He has also started a business to connect  Native Hawaiians with visitors seeking cultural experiences on the Big Island.  He invited a friend of his, a Kahuna in ancient Hawaiian chant, to come and provide a demonstration of the art for the students.  For the Kahuna, chant is an intense, and personal expression.  To show respect, we did not take any pictures while he was chanting.

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I teach the medical-surgical nursing courses offered across the junior year of the nursing program at Illinois Wesleyan University, and collaborate with Dr. Lisa Searing in teaching the Nursing Research course offered in the fall of the junior year. During the May Term, I teach Transcultural Healthcare in Hawaii or Abuse in America.