Effective Philanthropy Article: AV Davis Vice President

“Framework vs. Franchise: Why Business is an Ineffective Analog for Philanthropy”

In the February 24, 2014 issue of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, Phil Buchanan authored another strong opinion piece, Unlike For-Profits, Nonprofits Succeed By Sharing the Work and the Glory. In a growing quest for significant outcomes and measurement, he notes “The analog seems always to be business, where the focus is on competition among institutions – a zero-sum perspective in which organizations strive to best each other.” He credits the genesis of this movement, a “conflation of performance in philanthropy and institutional competition,” to two 1990s Harvard Business Review articles. Combined, these encouraged foundations to: take a venture capitalist/investment adviser approach; establish niche pursuits/programming; and “unique positioning” relative to the field.

Research update on impact of sequestration on federal grant funding

As the impacts of the federal budget sequestration are discussed, we wanted to update the campus on how these cuts may affect research funding. Though it is difficult to predict the outcome of budget negotiations in the coming months, the campus community should be prepared for possible impacts on research projects. Thus, we wanted to share the following information we have received from several key agencies: