Nathan Addis ’20 – Adventures in Nagoya, Japan

Are you interested in studying abroad in Japan? Are you traveling there soon with Technos or Freeman Asia? Then what better way to start preparing than to read about a fellow Titan’s adventures! Nathan Addis ’20 is writing a fun blog about his everyday experiences and observations in Nagoya, Japan! Check out his blog below!

2nd Place IEW Essay Contest Winner: Aida Cheung

     Meet Aida Cheung, our 2nd Place winner for International Education Week (November 13-17)! Aida is a IS and HIS double major student here at IWU. She spent a semester abroad at KEIO University, Japan, Tokyo,during spring of 2017. International Education Week (IEW) is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange […]

M. Hanna ’18 – Full Circle in “116 Days”

El Turó de la Rovira, on my last day in Barcelona Full circle  During my last weekend in Barcelona, I woke up early every day. I ate my typical breakfast—an orange and a Magdalena (a type of muffin) from the jar on my host mom’s kitchen counter. I rode down the elevator, nodding and smiling […]

M. Hanna ’18 – My Second Family in “116 Days”

My Second Family One of my favorite nights in Barcelona happened towards the end of the program, when my host mom, Mireia, invited my roommate and me to cook dinner with her. We had quickly fallen in love with the traditional Catalan meal of pan con tomate and tortilla de patata, so Mireia decided we […]

M. Hanna – The Legend of St. Jordi in “116 Days”

A saint, a dragon, a book, and a rose La Rambla: Barcelona, Spain The Legend of St. Jordi Once upon a time there was a ferocious dragon, which terrified a village in Catalonia with its fiery breath and menacing presence. To appease the horrifying creature, members of the village offered their animals as sacrifice to […]

M. Hanna ’18 – “Shukran” in “116 Days

“Shukran – Thank You” “Shukran.” The sounds felt awkward and unfamiliar in my mouth, but I repeated them over and over, determined to learn them. Arabic is a difficult language, and I was not under the illusion that I could master it in the mere four days we would be spending in Morocco. Yet this […]

M. Hanna ’18 – The Edge of the Earth in “116 Days”

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland At the Edge of the Earth There are some things in life that are impossible to describe. The Irish countryside is one of those things, especially at the point where the earth meets the sea at the Cliffs of Moher. When I was visiting Dublin, we spontaneously decided to take a […]