M. Hanna ’18 – The Faces of Music in “116 Days”

Music Around the world In the four months I spent abroad, I had the chance to visit twenty-four cities in nine different countries. Despite the close proximity of places in Europe, no two cities were alike—each had its own unique charm. But the one thing that each place shared was a love of expressive, energetic, […]

M. Hanna ’18 – A Day in Another Time (“116 Days”)

Anne Frank House: Amsterdam, Netherlands Behind the bookcase This is a poem, written for my creative writing course in Spain, that was inspired by the experience of visiting the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Netherlands I walk through the door and suddenly it’s 1944.  Crowds of visitors fall silent in unison— even the strawberry blonde […]

Maria Hanna – Discovering Dalí in “116 Days”

Dalí Museum: Figueres, Spain  “Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be the shackles limiting our vision.” (Salvador Dalí). Here, Dalí speaks of his own style of art; one so bold, so unparalleled, that it transcends the conventional bounds of reality and passes into the elusive world of dreams. Dalí’s brilliance […]

Study Abroad Photo Contest Judging Panel

As you know we have two awards in two additional categories: Judges’ Choice and People’s Choice. Photo that will get the most LIKEs on FB will be awarded People’s Choice Award (and can not be nominated for any other category). As for the Judges Choice Award – we invited Illinois Wesleyan University staff and faculty […]