Encouraging cards for international students

Last week we got to see many international students at the International Office. And the reason were cards! Yes, beautiful cards personally written by the alumni for every single international student studying in the IWU. We were so touched by this gesture and so impressed by all the work the alumni did just to make our international students feel loved.

Some time ago an IWU alumni Vera Miller reached out to the International Office. She told us that when IWU alumni heard about the travel ban they felt they wanted to do something nice for the international students. They wanted to make international students feel welcomed, cared about, they wanted them not to feel discouraged. And this is how the idea of writing personal cards came to life.

Here are the comments from some of the international students who received their cards last week:

Melody Zhao received a letter from Liz Lieser, class of ’07: “Thanks for being so sweet to us. We really appreciate your warm words which help support us, get through stressful semester.”

Xiaoqian Wang received a card from Karen Muehlich, class of ’06: “I feel really glad to receive a letter from our alumni. As a senior student, there are many ways to choose, which makes me feel kind of confusing these days. But this letter really gives me power to pursue my dream”.

Chudan Chen, received a letter from Jessica Rzepka, class of ’06: “I am also thrilled when I read the words. It is so warm to receive such a sweet letter. I’ve had a great time in IWU and I appreciate IWU to give the experience very much. I really appreciate for the letter to. Thank you!”

Alexis Liu, ’17
Ricardo Lu, ’20

Alexis Liu received a card from Jessica Rzepka, class of ’06: “I feel the concern for international students after receiving the card. This is the last semester at IWU. I really appreciate everything and everyone here. The experience builds up my strength. Thank you IWU and thank you Bloomington.”

Anaol Dalle received a card from Chris Santee, class of ’09: “It was really nice to know that there is someone that cares about what happens to you, I really appreciate, this means a lot Thank you.”

Joanna Zhao received a letter from Karen Muehlich, class of ’06: “I would like to thank the alumni for writing these letters. It’s great to know that, as international students, we are supported by so many people of IWU. I’m glad to be part of this supportive community.”

Ricardo Lu received a card from Lauren Sweeney, class of ’05: “I appreciate support which means too much. I love this place, it feels like home.”

Linh Le received a card from Kat Garibaldi, class of ’05: “I was surprised to see the letter and was thankful that an alumni took the time to get to know who I am before writing the letter. We share the same major and I felt connected to her through her writing about her personal experiences with IWU and her aspirations, even though we have never met. The attention and support from this letter really reassured me that I am warmly welcomed and appreciated here at IWU.“

Binh Phan received a card from Tiger Paton, class of ’08: “I really appreciate the letter that the alumni took time to write to us international students. I am happy to know that the connection between fellow Titans remains strong even years after graduation. The future may be uncertain, but I am sure that everything will be find in the end. Thank you for the letter of encouragement, I really appreciate it.”

Linh Le, ’19

Naijun [Nancy] Qu received a letter from Laura Kasperski, class of ’09: “The current political situation does make me feel anxious and worried about my future plan. There are all these uncertainties more than ever. It’s great to know that there are people supporting us and ensuring us that we are welcome all the time. I’m really grateful to be in such a community.”

Matthew Kim received a letter from Vera Miller, class of ’05: “Studying in American college was truly a challenge to me, even though I’ve been in high school in Georgia for two years. However, I could go through this big challenge thanks to lots of supports I have got from my friends, family, and even random people I’ve never known before. On the way to the finish line of my first year at iwu, an unexpected, concerning, sincere letter from you was very meaningful and one more big support for me. Thank you!”

On Friday several international students gathered together to open their letters and we Invited Kim Hill from Office of Communications to capture this moment too.

Come by our Office to get your card! We are looking forward to see you!


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