Week of June 5

The first week of this internship has been relatively uneventful. The flight here was pleasant enough and even our eight-hour layover wasn’t too bad. Once we arrived we went straight to the IRRI dorm. When we arrived it was already pretty late so I went straight to sleep. Since I hadn’t slept much on the flight here I actually ended up being so tired that I didn’t feel jet-lagged. The next day we had a cultural orientation where we learned a little about the Philippines and learned some phrases in Tagalog. After the orientation, they took all of us out for dinner and we got to try some Filipino dishes including sinigang na baboy, pork and chicken adobo, and halo-halo, all of which were very good. After that, all of the IRRI interns then had to complete seven days of self-monitoring so we weren’t really allowed to do much. All I did during that time was get food from the cafeteria, watch shows on Netflix, and fill out some documents to prepare to start the internship at IRRI. However, the seven days of self-monitoring end next week so we should be able to start soon which I am looking forward to.

Welcome to Aidan’s Philippines Blog

This blog will be dedicated to documenting my experiences at the International Rice Research Institute and will be updated weekly. Thanks to the IWU Freeman Asia program and IRRI for making this a possibility.

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