Presentation on UX Design by Brandon Dorn ’11

Wondering how an English major will help you after graduation? Come to a talk on Thursday, 2/19, by English alum Brandon Dorn ’11 on how his work as an English major (and more generally his background in the Liberal Arts) helped him in his work with User Experience Design.  A description of the talk is given below.

UX and the Liberal Arts

Everything we have ever made has an interface. A hammer has a handle, a car has a steering wheel. Today, most things have screens. Chances are your parents’ refrigerator has a screen. The people making these screens and the applications that run in them have two choices: to design it around the technology and what it can do, or to design it for people and what they can do, and want to do. The former way is how we get frustrating things like credit card readers in grocery stores with buttons on the screen that you can’t press. The latter is how we get intuitive, useful, even delightful applications like Spotify. This approach, designing digital things for real people, is called User Experience Design.

Liberal Arts students are told that they are being trained how to think critically. This is truer than they know. What to do with that ability is the question they face when graduating. The inquisitive, diligent, self-starting, open-minded way of thinking that IWU students typically absorb over their four years is the very same approach encouraged, even required, in the field of User Experience (UX) Design. Although these kinds students may not be familiar with the process of designing digital applications, the insight they bring into how people think, feel, and behave is what makes them the best candidates for this ambiguous, far-reaching discipline.

Given by an IWU alum, this presentation describes UX Design, who’s doing it, what Liberal Arts students bring to it that others typically don’t, and provides recommendations for students who may be interested in the field.

Thursday, February 19th at 7:00 PM in the Welcome Center Auditorium

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