Shane McGowan publishes with Catfish Creek

Congratulations to Shane McGowan, who has published his braided essay, “Braided Blues,” with the national undergraduate literary journal Catfish Creek.  (See the posting from September 13, below, for more information about the journal).  “I wrote [the essay] last year,” writes Shane, “as my final piece for Dr. Sainsbury’s course on the lyric essay. It introduces my experience with the blues, how I encountered it as a form of music and why I was drawn to it, and then sets about defining and describing what the blues does and how, and trying to reproduce that in essay form . . . I tried to pay a lot of attention to rhythm within the sections of prose, but, to complement that, there are four original verses written in blues form justified to the right hand side of the page and kind of woven throughout the piece.”

Shane, who is currently studying abroad at NIU Galway, notes that the experience of writing for publication changed the way he looked at his work.  “Before submitting . . . I read the piece back over and had to make some additional changes, because it seemed different to be submitting it for publication rather than for a grade. The weight of the word ‘publication’ really gave me a different perspective on what I wanted to reveal in the piece and I became more critical of myself.”


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