Alumni update: Molly McLay

Molly McLay (06) has accepted a position as Case Manager with the Targeted Intensive Pre-Natal Service program at Aunt Martha’s Youth Service/Health Service Center in Danville.  A resident of Urbana, Molly received her MSW from the School of Social Work at the University of Illinois in early August, where she pursued a concentration in mental health. Women’s issues were a particular focus for her during her Career at the U of I; she took a graduate assistantship as a campus sexual health educator and completed a field practicum as counselor and advocate for survivors of sexual assault.  She writes, “this position is related to my previous work but somewhat different, and that excites me….Another interesting part–the other people with the same job as me are RNs.  Statewide, social workers are TIP case managers, but at this particular center I’ll be the first.  I’m not sure the people who work in the program really know all that much about the breadth of what a social worker can do, and I am eager to show them. I call myself an ambassador for social workers.”

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