The Delta is at the English House

The new issue of The Delta, IWU’s journal of literary criticism, is out and waiting at the English House for interested students to pick up a copy.

The Spring 2011 issue features six essays written for classes over the past year: “Belonging to the Self: Problems with Identity Formation in Thea Astley’s The Multiple Effects of Rainshadow and Edwidge Danticat’s Breath, Eyes, Memory,” by Jackie Connelly; “Be a Man, Be a Woman, or Be Silent: Gender Identity in Le Roman de Silence,” by Christy Spees; “Sisterly Redemption in Goblin Market: The Fallen Woman and the Female Christ,” by Korey Williams; “And I Temporary: Novel as Continuum in The Sound and the Fury,” by Casimir Frankiewicz; “Deceit, Revelation, and Collapse in Richard III,” by Brandon Dorn; and “Spreading the Message: Reading and Writing Wittgenstein’s Mistress,” by Nicole Travis.

There has always been a student-run literary magazine at IWU, but the names have changed over the years. This is the sixth year for The Delta, which is edited by students.

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