Full Tongue & Ink line-up announced

Here’s the rest of T&I’s jazzy PDF flyers_everyone and the schedule:

Friday, Feb. 25—4 p.m., Seth Abramson keynote (CNS C102); 5 p.m., Marc Smith Masterclass (CNS C102); 8 p.m., Poetry Slam featuring Marc Smith (CNS C101).

Saturday, Feb. 26—9:30 a.m., Reading Art: Contemporary Artists’ Books (CNS E103); 9:30 a.m., Tom Quinn on Screenwriting (CNS E101); 10:30 a.m., Mad City Poets (CNS E103); 10:30 a.m., Graphic Novels featuring Jeffrey Brown (CNS E101); 11:30 a.m., LUNCH; 1 p.m., Seth Abramson MFA discussion (CNS C102); 2 p.m., Laura Van den Berg keynote (CNS C101); 3 p.m., Laura Van den Berg master class (CNS C102).

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