Alumni update: Sarah Boulanger Chavkin

Sarah Boulanger Chavkin has been in publishing since she graduated from IWU in 1988, first at a development house, then McGraw-Hill, then Houghton Mifflin, and now National Geographic in their School Publishing Division.

“I started out my career as an editor, but moved pretty quickly into operations work, and now direct a staff of managing editors as well as the Intellectual Property department,” she writes. “My official title is Director, Publishing Administration and Operations, but my day-to-day work includes managing the company’s product development budget, all project management functions, all contractual and legal agreements, and all intellectual property rights. And the best part is that the office is in Evanston, about a mile and a half from home, so I can walk to work. We also have offices in Monterey, Calif., and Washington, D.C., so I get to travel to fun places.”

Sarah credits Professor Kathleen O’Gorman for making an impact on her life and encouraging her to follow her dreams. Pictured is Sarah (left) and her family, including two daughters who “love literature as much as I do and would rather be reading than watching TV.”

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