Two English majors honored for campus/community service

At the traditional senior dinner, English-writing and religion double major Garrett Rapp was announced as winner of the Student Leadership Distinguished Service Award for Student Service to Campus Life. The senior from Harvard, Illinois (who ironically turned down Harvard in favor of the University of Chicago Divinity School) received the award because he was largely responsible for changing the look and format of The Argus campus newspaper while also beefing up content. Former Argus staffers and current faculty and staff have been emailing all year long to say how the paper has never looked better.

Also at Senior Dinner, Mark Kasperczyk, a double major in English-literature and physics, was honored for his distinguished service in cultural leadership. He received the award in recognition of his work with lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender issues. Kasperczyk was behind the lobbying effort that got IWU to change its anti-discrimination statement to include “gender identity and expression” and he was also instrumental in spearheading National Coming Out Day ¬†events on campus.

The two were among five seniors in all majors who were honored for their campus and community leadership/service.

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