Arts show is looking for talent . . . including poets

Kamaya Thompson (’12) reports that the organization she founded, Only Punks Pull Triggers, is teaming up with Amnesty International to put on an arts show on April 10 in the Hansen Student Center. “We’ll be expressing non-violence through the creative arts by displaying student artwork, presenting skits by Only Punks Pull Triggers casts, showcasing live bands, dance, poetry, and more,” Kamaya says.

They’re wanting a big audience, of course, so mark that date on your calendar. But right now they’re looking for students to be in the show. “You can perform anything you’d like, as long as its related to the cause–spreading positivity throughout the community,” Kamaya says. “If there’s a song, dance, poem, etc., that you’d like to perform, please contact me as soon as possible at

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