Holiday party draws fewer students

Maybe it was the cold snap that deterred students from walking to Prof. Muirhead’s house for the annual holiday party, or maybe they were so swamped with end-of-semester papers and finals preparation that they didn’t think they could spare the time.

But the 30 or so students who did come to the party enjoyed a marvelous buffet and had a good time chatting with their professors and fellow students. As usual, Prof. Bowman made her famous cheesecake, and students who were over 21 could enjoy a beer or glass of wine.  But the highlight of the evening for most students was the department’s annual “book grab,” where every student got to leave with a book donated by faculty. In the photo, students are checking out the titles, no doubt hoping that the ones they want will still be there when their number is picked.

As it turned out, there were enough books so that everyone was encouraged to take seconds. Same with the food!

Marie Huey won this year’s holiday poetry contest with a clever haiku, and she got to pick her prize from among several DVDs. So, Marie, you picked vampires over Chekhov? We’ll have to talk.

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