Another literature conference opportunity

Streamlines: An Undergraduate Conference Celebrating Language, Literature, and Writing, is calling for conference paper proposals. Hosted by Clarke College, Loras College and the University of Dubuque, the conference provides students with another opportunity to present their work at a gathering of their peers. The conference will be held Saturday, November 14, 2009, and a $20 registration fee includes lunch.

To submit a proposal, use theĀ online submission form to send a 300-word abstract by Friday, October 14, 2009. You’ll be asked to send the complete paper to Breyen Strickler, Assistant Professor of English at Loras College ( Panel submissions are also encouraged. Participants will be notified of selection by Friday, October 23. Suggested panel/presentation topics in English, French, or Spanish are: American literature, British literature, global/world literature, modern languages, linguistics, creative writing, rhetoric, women’s studies, literary studies, women’s literature, literary theory, and teaching language/literature/writing. For more information see theĀ Streamlines Web site.

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