The Delta critical journal is now available

The Delta, IWU’s undergraduate journal of literary criticism, is now available for the asking at the English House. The spring 2009 issue, co-edited by Kaelyn Riley and Teresa A. Sherman, contains six student essays:

“Putting the ‘Oh!’ in Othello: The Tragic Consequences of Iago’s Unnamable Desires,” by Emily Franzen

“Can Dan Schneider Save Poetry?” by Drew Barringer

“Reading into Conceptual Metaphor,” by Linda Martin

“The Construction of Intellectual Women in Victorian Society,” by Leann Stuber

“The Meaningful Balance of Being,” by Marie Huey

“Reality, Checked: The Impact of As You Like It‘s Aberrational Conclusion,” by Paul Morello

The Delta is a completely student-run publication of the English department, with Prof. Wes Chapman serving as faculty adviser and Kerry Devitt, Marie Huey, Ashley Jaconetti, and Heather Lindquist filling out the editorial board. Congratulations to all on a fine-looking issue.

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