New senior writing course offered

In fall 2008, English-Writing majors will be able to take a capstone writing course, if they so choose. The course, proposed by the department and approved by Curriculum Council and the faculty, gives writers a chance to work on a specific project their senior year. Here’s the description that will go into the next catalog:

401  Senior Writing Project  A capstone experience for English-Writing majors which requires thoughtful study of portfolio work assembled over the past three years and proposal and completion of an extensive, ambitious individual project that is both a logical extension of the student’s work and a new challenge. Because creativity knows no bounds, the course will bring together poets, fiction and non-fiction writers, and “new” journalists, with an emphasis on feedback and support. Offered annually

Professor Lynn DeVore will teach the course in the fall, but as with Senior Seminar (which English-Writing majors still must take), faculty will rotate. The writing capstone course is non-mandatory. 

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