Two seminars and a colloquium

On November 11 and 12, students interested in attending graduate school got to hear a summary of important considerations from Professor Brandi Reissenweber on “Life after IWU: The Writer’s Life” and from Professor Joanne Diaz on “Life after IWU: The Scholar’s Life.” The lively presentations and Q/As drew nine writers and 13 literature track students, with cookies and coffee reminding everyone that it was a 4 p.m. optional session in the English House basement seminar room, not a class. But everyone left with a better understanding of what to consider when choosing a program, how best to apply, and what options exist for covering grad school costs. In the photo, Brandi tells students what to look for in an M.F.A. program.


On November 20, Sigma Tau Delta sponsored their first colloquium, and the turnout was a nice surprise. About 30 faculty and students went to Professor Bob Bray’s home about a block away from campus to hear faculty and students talk about their current research. The living room wasn’t large enough, and so people sat in the dining room, entry room and staircase as well. Another surprise was that it turned out to be a Shakespeare evening. Though both speakers had announced different topics, Teresa Sherman (’08) and Professor Joanne Diaz decided to present papers on The Bard instead. Teresa read a paper that was due the next day, “The Ideal Shakespeare: Rewriting the Man for the New Millenium,” while Joanne presented “More Letters Sadly Penned in Blood:  Blood as Ink in Early Modern Complaint Poetry.” It was a fun evening, with pizza and soft drinks provided by the department.  In the photo, Joanne explains with good humor the theory of humours as it relates to her topic. 

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