The Quilt Story

Title: The Quilt Storyimage-17

Author(s): Tony Johnston

Illustrator/Photographer: Tomie DePaola

Publisher and Year: 1985-General Publishing Company

Number of pages: 27

Tags/Themes: Danielle Burge, Quilting, Mothers, Daughters, Generations, America, Past, Present

Genre: Fiction and Folktale

Descriptive Annotation: The Quilt Story has a significant story that represents the comparisons between two different generations. The story begins with a young girl, Abigail, from the American frontier time period. Her mother made her a treasured patchwork quilt that she carried through many life experiences. When Abigail and her family moved to a new home environment, her quilt helped her feel secured and at home. One day, when the quilt gets old and tattered, she puts it in the attic. Many years later, another young girl, discovers the quilt and calls it her own. She also relies on its comfort to help her feel the sense of security in her new home. The story portrays a sense of comfort, warmth, and love that two different generations share because of one particular item.

Linguistic and Cultural Diversity Analysis: In this story the cultural diversity is the differences between the current generation and the American frontier generation. The cultural differences are evident in the story through the experiences that each girl goes through and the visually appealing illustrations.

The language in this book fairly challenging and has many sentences to each page. The text is easy to follow and visible to decode. This story is well suited towards an upper elementary classroom where the students can decode the words and comprehend the large amount of text on each page.

Interdisciplinary Connections: I would incorporate this story in a Social Studies unit or lesson discussing the different generations and show the similarities and differences between the two. Students would easily be able to relate to this story because it is in the perspective of two children from different time periods but have many similar connections.

Other Information: Overall, I really enjoyed this book because it painted a picture for the reader, showing them that even though there are many differences between now and past generations. But, there are still many commonalities and this fictional story shows an example of this. I would use this in my future classroom and recommend it as a Social Studies Literature resource.

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