Our World Coral Reefs

Title: Our World Coral ReefsCoral Reefs (1)

Author(s): Aaron Frisch

Illustrator/Photographer:  Georgienne Bradley and Jay Ireland

Publisher and Year: Creative Education, 2008

Number of pages: 24

Tags/Themes: Animals, Non-fiction, Science, 2-3, Meagan DeSalvo

Genre: Juvenile Literature

Descriptive Annotation:  This book is an informative book on the coral reef. It defines what a coral reef is and explains the parts of the coral reefs. The text and photographs go through the types of coral and animals that live there. Each of the pages is set up to have a page with the information and the other page with more images as an example to the information.

Linguistic and Cultural Diversity Analysis: The sentence structure is at a basic level even though some of the information may be a little more advanced for a first grade level. The text is informative and provides general information about the reefs. The end of the book also includes an activity idea with watching Finding Nemo and documenting the types of animals and coral in the movie.Coral Reefs (2)

Interdisciplinary Connections: This has a strong emphasis on the science learning and would be a good book to use during an ocean unit.

Other Information:  The colors in the book provide for great visuals to further exemplify the information being explained.

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