Title: Friendsimage-11

Author(s): Eric Carle

Illustrator/Photographer: Eric Carle

Publisher and Year: 2013-Philomel

Number of pages: 32

Tags/Themes: Danielle Burge, Children, Friendship, Emotions, Reunite, Bravery, Journey, Perseverance, Love

Genre: Children’s Literature

Descriptive Annotation: The book, Friends, shares a heartfelt story about a young boy whose friend moves away. Before she left, they did everything together. From playing to running to dancing to telling each other secrets, they did it all right by each other’s sides. The little boy was sick of being sad that she was gone so he decided to set out on an adventure to find his missing playmate. His journey takes him through multiple challenges that he manages to accomplish and finally reunite with his best friend. This story illustrates an image of friendship, perseverance, and love.

Linguistic and Cultural Diversity Analysis: In this book the cultural diversity is through the illustrations of two cultural different friends. The boy is illustrated with fair skin with blonde hair, blue eyes. The girl is illustrated with darkened skin with dark black hair and brown eyes. Even though they are from two different cultures, they share many commonalities. The illustrations are very visually appealing and keep the overall attention of the reader.

The language in the book is fairly simple and well suited from middle to upper elementary students. Each page has some text on it and the font is clearly decodable. There is some academic language that can be defined throughout the story.

Interdisciplinary Connections: I would incorporate this story in the Language Arts setting when addressing the topic of friendship. It could be effectively used for themes in Reading Circles and Writer’s Workshop. Teachers could find multiple literature books that discuss friendship and have them available for my students to read during this themed lesson or unit.

Other Information: I am big a huge Eric Carle fan but I had never read this book before. Overall, I really enjoyed the story and the message it depicted for readers. The story is very relatable because most children have encountered some friendship experience that has produced emotions. I would use this book as a resource in my classroom.

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