All the Water in the World

Title: All the Water in the Worldimage-16

Author(s): George Ella Lyon

Illustrator/Photographer: Katherine Tillostson

Publisher and Year: 2011-Simon and Schuster

Number of pages: 31

Tags/Themes: Danielle Burge, Water, Water Cycle, Environment, Science, Poetry, Colorful Illustrations

Genre: Poetry

Descriptive Annotation: This poem introduces the Water Cycle in a whole new meaning. The communicable flow and the eye-catching illustrations keep the reader fully engaged from the first to the last page. This extraordinary poem illustrates the importance of conserving water through vivid, colorful images that draw the readers’ attention from left to right. The images not only tell the story but they represent an important lesson of respecting our earth and water conservation. Each page represents a real life event, which allows the reader to stay fully engaged and relate to the story line.

Linguistic and Cultural Diversity Analysis: In this poem the cultural diversity topic is the important lesson of protecting our environment and conserving water. There are many International corporations campaigning for environmental changes that are protecting both biological and cultural diversity.

The language in this book is very simple and well suited towards the younger elementary grades. The text is easy to follow, flows nicely, and is visually engaging through the bright, eye-catching illustrations.

Interdisciplinary Connections: I would use this particular book for incorporating Children’s Poetry into a science unit or lesson over positive environmental habits. The book is entertaining through the visually appealing illustrations and the easy to follow text. Younger elementary children would benefit tremendously from this book because it is geared towards their comprehension level.

Other Information: I came upon this book at the Tremont District Library in the Children’s section. To be honest, I was visually attracted to this book because of its colorfully designed front cover. I had no idea what the book was going to be about but I immediately grabbed it because of its eye-catching, colorful illustrations. After reading the book, I was very happy with my decision because I could see this book being an excellent resource to use in student teaching and in my future classroom.

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