Seen Art?

Title: Seen Art?Seen Art (1)

Author(s): Jon Sciesczka

Illustrator/Photographer:  Lane Smith, The Museum of Modern Art

Publisher and Year: Penguin Group, 2005

Number of pages: 44

Tags/Themes: Fine Arts, K-5, 6-8, Meagan DeSalvo

Genre: Fiction

Descriptive Annotation:  This book presents children with all types of art but in a comical way. The young boy is looking for his friend named Art. When he asks a lady if she has seen Art, she thinks he is referring to the artwork found in the Museum of Modern Art. The boy takes a trip through the museum thinking he will find his friend and keeps asking if anyone has seen art. Eventually the boy does find his friend but only after looking at all the artwork. The story kind of goes back to the age old question of what is art but in a comical way. The young boy is introduced to all types of art through the photographs on each page.

Linguistic and Cultural Diversity Analysis: Each of the pages provides short, dialogue type sentences. The main focus is on the art. Although the artwork is relatively small on each page, the book provides plenty of examples of well-known art. The structure on the pages keeps the eyes moving as there is no much to look at. To really get into the book, students would want to read this book individually and really study all of the art.

Interdisciplinary Connections: This book is an excellent introduction to the fine arts. Students look at the different styles and the different forms that art takes. The book provides photos, video, film, drawings, sculptures, and architecture as examples of art.Seen Art (2)

Other Information:  For students who are sometimes overstimulated, this book may not be the best option. Each of the pages has a lot going on, and it takes a lot of concentration to study each page. This book could be used as a preview to a field trip to an art museum or an alternative to going to the museum as well.

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