I Need My Monster

Title: I Need My Monster


Author(s): Amanda Noll

Illustrator/ Photographer: Howard McWilliam

Publisher and Year: Flashlight Press Text, 2009

Number of pages: 32

Tags/ Themes: Growing Up, K-3, Descriptive Language, Fantasy

Genre: Fantasy

Descriptive Annotation:

In this story, Ethan checks under his bed for his typical bed monster and he sees a note saying that Gabe, his monster went fishing and will be back in a week. Ethan is really upset and decides he needs to find a replacement monster for the time Gabe is gone. Ethan calls under the floorboards and different monsters come up. Ethan asks to see each monster and reviews them on their scary qualities. Ethan interviews four  monsters and is very unsatisfied with their qualities. He looks at their visual and scare qualities but finds none of them to be as good as Gabe. Ethan starts to wonder if he is being too picky when trying to find a replacement but then hears Gabe’s signature mouth breathing from under the bed. Gabe begins to scare Ethan and Ethan falls asleep easily knowing his favorite monster is back.

Linguistic and Cultural Diversity Analysis:

The language in this book is very descriptive and uses a great amount of details when describing how the monsters look. Each monster that comes out from under the bed has different features and looks. All of the monsters have things they are very good at when it comes to scaring little kids and each one has a weak spot. For an example Cynthia has long, sharp, dagger nails but wears a bow on the end of her tail so Ethan does not find her scary. This story makes it clear that everyone is diverse in his or her own ways and that not everyone is good at the same thing. Its okay to be good at different things because if everyone was the same, our world would not be exciting.

Interdisciplinary Connections:

The descriptive adjectives that describe the monsters in the story are very vivid! This would be a good resource to use in your classroom when teaching your students how to be descriptive while they write. While reading this story to your students you could have them close their eyes and use the adjectives to picture in their head what the monsters look like. This may give them a better visual on how descriptive language enhances their writing.

Other Information:

The story sends the message of protection. Ethan felt as though Gabe was there to protect him at night and when Gabe was gone Ethan did not feel the same way. I could see myself using this story in my classroom because I really liked how it used vivid language. I also like how it shows younger kids that not all monsters are scary!


The images in this story are very bright and colorful. I found the pictures to enhance the story and make it more enjoyable to read. I really liked how the descriptive language in the story matched the pictures perfectly. It makes it easy for the reader to picture what the monster looks like when they have a vivid picture and description! I_Need_My_Monster

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