Title: OneOne

Author(s): Kathryn Otoshi

Illustrator/Photographer: Kathryn Otoshi

Publisher and Year: Publishers Group West, 2008

Number of pages: 34

Tags/Themes: Emotion, Fiction, Fine Arts, Friendship, Math, K-1, Meagan DeSalvo

Genre: Picture Story Book, Fiction

Descriptive Annotation:  One is a counting book, color book, and a behavior teaching book. The story’s main character is the color blue. Blue gets picked on by red. All the other colors are too afraid to stand up to red although they comfort blue privately. The character to finally stand up to red for blue is one. One explains that it only takes one to stand up to the bully. If no one stands up to the bully, then the bully gets more and more powerful. The colors change to numbers that stand up to blue. At the end, red converts over to joining the other colors because it is no longer fun to be isolated.

Linguistic and Cultural Diversity Analysis: The social and emotional learning standards 2c.1a and 1.1b are addressed through this book. The first states: identify ways to work and play well with others, and the second states: demonstrate appropriate social and classroom behavior. Students not only work with the colors and counting in the book, but they also look at nice behavior and being positive members of a group.One (2)

Interdisciplinary Connections: Through counting, the students work on basic math. This book could be used with the older grades too in the beginning of the year to establish a positive classroom environment in which all the students are on the same page. It could also be used to avoid bullying in the classroom.

Other Information:  Although at first this book seemed a little strange, I did enjoy it. The format of the book is a little different than most children’s books in that the characters are colors and numbers. Another aspect of the book is that the colors are related to their names. This helps the visual learners connect the names of the colors to the actual color.

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