My Working Mom

Title My Working Mom


Author Peter Glassman

Illustrator/Photographer Tedd Arnold

Publisher and Year William Morrow and Company, Inc., 1994

Number of pages: 30

Genre: Humorous Fiction

Descriptive Annotation: My Working Mom tells the story of a young girl whose mother is a witch. The girl describes different tasks her mom must do while she works, like creating new potions. Although her mom is not home all the time, she is still very supportive. Her mom, the witch, is one of the sweetest women in their town, and all the other kids are jealous! In the end, the little girl says that even though she doesn’t like IMG_3604how much her mom works, she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Linguistic and Cultural Diversity Analysis:  This book does not have much linguistic diversity. The text is very large and each sentence is pretty basic. The narrator’s mother is a witch, and her father has a regular (human) job that is not mentioned. At one point in the story, there is a day at school where parents are asked to share their jobs with the class. Other students’ parents are mummies, policemen, and aliens, to name a few. The diversity in those jobs could be compared to the diversity of students’ backgrounds in the classroom. Although everyone comes from a different home full of different professions, each job is just as important for the survival of the surrounding community.

Interdisciplinary Connections: This book could be read prior to students having a “job fair” day in school where parents come and tell students about their jobs. Since the book focuses on a daughter and her working mother, this book could also be read during a parent appreciation assembly or program. Each student could create a picture and caption depicting their guardian’s profession and his or her favorite activity to do with that guardian, like the girl did in the book.

Other Information:  This book would be best suited for children who are first beginning to read. Each page is mostly composed of illustration and only a sentence or two of text. The text is also very large, so it would be a good book for the student to read aloud when he or she first begins to master the art of reading.

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