Lost in the Woods

Author: Carl R. Sams II & Jean Stoick

Illustrator: Carl R. Sams II & Jean StoickLost in the Woods

Publisher and Year: Carl R. Sams II Photography, Inc. (2004)

Number of pages: 48


Genre: Science and Nature

Descriptive Annotation: Lost in the Woods is a tale of a fawn that appears to be lost in the woods. Through the use of nature and animal photography, the authors write a story that in the end explains that fawns live the early part of their lives without their mothers due to their lack of sense. To prevent attack from predators, the fawn lives alone. The story also introduces the early life of other animals. In the end, the fawn is reunited with his mother and becomes a member of the woods.

Linguistic and Cultural Diversity Analysis: While there are words on the pages, a lot of the information also comes from the analysis of the photography. Each of the students has an equal ability to look at the pictures and draw conclusions and information from the images. Further inquiries are also possible if students wise to research other newborn animals more deeply. The language is simply enough and poses an opportunity for students to become the animals in a role play situation.Lost in the Woods

Interdisciplinary Connections: There are multiple science concepts that can be explored using this book. For one, the predator and prey concept is prevalent with the lack of scent of newborns. There is also the discovery of other newborn animals in the woods. A prediction activity can be looked at for whether the students think the fawn is lost or not. Finally, the fine arts can be incorporated through a lesson on using photography to tell a story.

Other Information: This book has won twelve awards including the Moms’ Choice Award.

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