Pink is for Boys

Title – Pink is for Boys

Author(s) – Robb Pearlmann

Illustrator/Photographer – Eda Kaban

Publisher and Year – Running Press Kids, June 5, 2018

Number of pages – 40 pages

Tags/Themes – Rylie Loux, Diversity, Emotion, Friendship, Poetry, K-5

Genre – Fiction

Descriptive Annotation: This story is a story explaining the importance of boys and girls can love the same colors and interests. For each new color, Pearlman shares an example of where to find the color whether that be on sports uniforms, crowns, race cars, or teddy bears. This notion is demonstrated with illustrations of boys and girls in all examples.

Classroom Application: This book can be used in the classroom to set the expectations and standards at the beginning of the year. It is important for students to know that boys and girls can like the same things. This is a standard that a teacher will want to set at the beginning of the year so that students understand and grasp the idea that is being presented in the story and connecting that to their classroom. It is also very important for all students to feel welcome and comfortable in their classroom. This book is multicultural and all inclusive. Using this story to set the tone, can help all students feel welcome.

Linguistic and Cultural Diversity Analysis: This book starts out saying “Pink is for boys. And girls.” This books is an important message for young ones, early on in life, to aid in explaining that girls and boys can love all the colors. This story aims at the importance of acceptance, that colors are for everyone, regardless of gender, race and cultural expectations. This book challenges gender norms and encourage kids to enjoy whatever colors or hobbies that make them happy.  The pictures in this story do the talking. Later on in the story it says, “And all the colors are for EVERYONE. Girls and boys.” This story provides a powerful message that life is not color-coded.

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