The Art of Miss Chew

Title: The Art of Miss Chew

Author(s): Patricia Polacco

Illustrator/Photographer: Patricia Polacco

Publisher and Year: G.P. Putnam’s Sons

Number of pages: 37

Genre: Children’s Non-Fiction

Analysis: In Patricia Polacco’s children’s book The Art of Miss Chew the text functions as a window to the audience because everyone finds their passion, but some might come at a cost. The Art of Miss Chew is a true story about Patricia Polacco and how one of her teacher’s encouraged her to pursue something that she seemed interested and talented in and how one teacher tried to keep her from her passion because of her weakness in testing and reading. Mr. Donovan was the teacher who encouraged her to pursue art. He even helped set her up with a high school art teacher to make sure that she would be receiving the proper education and training needed to become a successful artist, which she know is. Through the powerful teachings of Miss Chew, Polacco was able to overcome her fear of not being able to continue the passion that art had in store for her. One day changed about everything. As Mr. Donovan left to attend his father’s funeral, the substitute, Mrs. Spaulding, did not understand the situation that Polacco was in. Polacco had a reading deficiency and was unable to complete each test leaving her with a failing grade each time. When Polacco told Mrs. Spaulding that Mr. Donovan would give her more time on test, she insisted that she still be timed. Polacco told Miss Chew about her situation and Miss Chew brought it up to a good friend of hers Dr. McClare. Miss Chew was able to figure out how to help Polacco with her reading based upon the way she painted, but she needed more time and Mrs. Spaulding would still not allow it. Luckily, Mr. Donovan came back and all her worries were over. To thank Miss Chew and Mr. Donovan for helping her find her passion and correcting her weakness in reading, she signed up for an art competition and decided to paint Mr. Donovan’s father for the art exhibit. They were thrilled when they saw it and it was all because of their hard work that gave Polacco a bright future and the amazing talent to be able to inspire and change the minds of the youth around the world.



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