Chicken Big

Title: Chicken Big

Author(s): Keith Graves

Illustrator/Photographer: Keith Graves

Publisher and Year: Chronicle Books LLC, 2010

Number of pages: 32

Genre: Children’s Fiction

Analysis: In Keith Graves’ children’s book Chicken Big, the text functions as a window for the reader because no one should ever be stereotyped. Everyone is different in their own special way. Stereotypes should not even exist. First, it only hinders people from being proud of who they are as a person. Second, it makes “average” people judge others for being different. Third, no one fits stereotypes perfectly. They are just a generalization. Sure, some people might be closer or farther from “average.” But the real question is, does it all really matter? Chicken Big is different from all the other chicks and is therefore criticized by the chickens and roosters because of his size. They do not believe that he is a chick. They cannot make up their minds about what animal family he belongs to. Not until one day when the fox steals all the eggs from the coop do the chickens and roosters realize that he is truly a chick. I mean who else would save all the eggs from the foxes grasp? It would not be a elephant, squirrel, umbrella, or sweater like the other chickens and roosters thought he was. He is one of them. Realistically, people should not have to test to see if a person really belongs in society. They should be able to accept them for who they are. I love how Graves throws in references to Chicken Little such as “the sky is falling.” All the other chickens and roosters believe the littlest chicken is telling the truth except for Chicken Big. He does not have the fear the others do. This makes him look much smarter and wiser than the others. He is proactive to help and protect the chickens and their eggs. While the others just hide behind him or under his wings and let him guide them. If anything Chicken Big is the role model and leader. He is not afraid of who he is. He ignores what the other chickens have to say about him. They judge him right away and he is not given the chance to explain that he truly is one of them.




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