Final Project

1. Goals and Specifications

I will be making a robot that can play (and hopefully beat) Bop-It. It will have three robotic arms that allow it to appropriately respond to the commands given by the Bop-It.

2. Planned Capabilities

I plan to have a robot that is able to listen and respond to Bop-It commands. The robot will be able to differentiate between the Bop-It commands, and move the appropriate arm in response to each. It will also have to be able to move/respond fast enough to the commands.

3. Parts Needed

  • Stepper Motor x3
  • Microphone
  • Materials to construct robotic arms

4. Topics

  • Using an Oscilloscope
  • Interrupts
  • Sound: Microphone
  • Motors: Stepper
  • Robotics

5. Timeline of Milestones

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