Top 50 Poems

Browsing for a blog post, I decided to Google Top 50 poems of all time. I came across a list of poets, the top ten all being poets I have heard about. The top poem, in this particular websites opinion, was Phenomenal Women by Maya Angelou. There were also two poems by Shel Silverstein as well as The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. As I read each of the top ten poems, I realized that that each had a message of faith, hope, determination, and optimism. Each poem left a feeling of optimism and I took comfort in this fact. Throughout the top 50, I did not find one which we read in this class. I found this confusing because I thought some of the poems we read were written with underlying themes and messages that we could get something out of. So I began to think why in the world would these poems not be in the Top 50. I came to the conclusion that whoever conjured up this list had a specific preference for uplifting poems written in simple language. The poems we read were written in complex form and sometimes dealt with difficult subject matter. Most people do not find comfort reading about difficult subject matter, but would rather read poems by Shel Silverstein and Robert Frost, poets who consistently wrote about optimism and hope. Humanity wants hope and wants to read stories of hope. They shy away from adversity and would rather only comment on the positive facets of life. So whoever wrote this list, they obviously sided with society. This was what I came up with.

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