Makhtaran Bibi & other current events in engaged poetry

After doing a lot of research on the background events of “On Reading The Age of Innocence in a Troubled Time” by Maxine Kumin, I found a few interesting bits on Bibi I did not get to mention in the presentation. Side note\fun fact: In reference to the power of language, as a whole, I thought it was really cool to find out Bibi’s memoir, titled Déshonorée was first published in France and has been published in twenty-three languages (in English its title is In the name of honor).

Engaged poetry I think is very important, now, that I’ve heard and learned more about these poem in-depth from the other group presentations. It’s bizarre and scary to think so many things are going on in the world, and so many of them are terrifying and associated with our country that I wouldn’t have known about unless I read these poems, which I think it kind of terrible, really; however, it does make complete sense that the events we talked about (the prison camp, especially!) would be kept a secret because it is terrible. I would hope that Americans running government\military\foreign affair projects in other countries would be much more noble, but I was horrified to find out how grotesque their treatments were.

Finally, what I’m trying to say is language is really powerful and I’m really glad to be learning about these affairs and I’m glad engaged poetry exists and can keep existing because I think it’s a really neat (and artful!) way to take a close-up look into what’s happening currently (or to look back, historically).

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  1. Brian Morefield says:

    I agree with you that language is incredibly powerful. I have always believe writing has the power to influence people, and reading engaged poems only reiterated this statement. I think the poems about 9/11 really hit close to home and showed me how powerful language can truly be. Would you agree that these poems provided a vivid picture of some of the atrocities that have happened in our country?

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