JD McClatchy

For our final group project, my group is in charge of analyzing “Jihad” by J.D. McClatchy. Before this class, specifically before the latter half of the semester, I had never heard of this aforementioned poet. When we initially read “Jihad” I was not sure how I felt about about it. I did not quite understand it at first as it was written in a formally complex fashion. There were also many words and phrases within the poem that I had to look up to understand the context of it. As I started working on my project, my appreciation for the poem and McClatchy increased. Doing research on McClatchy, I learned he enjoys writing poems about recent events and enjoys reading the poems in a sensitive style. After hearing that, I reread “Jihad” one more time to see if I could notice it being written sensitively. To be honest, I did not see it. The way the poem talks about the suicide bomber, it really does not sensitize the situation at all. Maybe I am reading it wrong, but it just seems to be too intense of a poem to be considered sensitive. My question for everyone else is, do you agree with me?

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