Papers\Projects II

For paper\project 2, I decided to write a poem because I’m not doing a lot of writing in my other classes; therefore, this was my chance! I am so impressed with everyone’s projects this round! The book Emily made was really funny and so clever while Maggie’s newspaper project was really genius. I enjoyed Zhiyuan’s project on posting read poems on IG because I agree that involving social media can cause interest for students to become involved.

I took a class once where we were allowed to post our homework (creative writing class) on a blog. I had been wanting to start a blog for a long time, but this gave me an excuse plus it was really fun to make new, creative blog entries that flaunted my latest work from the class. Not only is it convenient, but it adds some amount of personal-ness  for students if it is something like their IG account or their own blog.

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  1. Brian Morefield says:

    I’m impressed with your initiative to create a blog. I also created a few poems for our projects this semester and I learned a lot from it. I’m sure you felt incredibly productive and accomplished while doing this.

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