Social Media and Poetry

Today in class, we went over the different projects a number of people created for their second project. One project, created by Zhiyuan Meng, really caught by intention because of the use of social media to convey his idea. He specifically used Instagram for his project which is a highly popular social media site used to upload pictures and videos. After class, looking for ideas for a new blog post, I googled Austin Smith to try and conjure up anything I deemed interesting. I found from my search that there was a Facebook page for his book, The Almanac, which we all read for this class. The page has a little less than 100 likes and it has different posts about Austin Smith and the book itself. If you browse the page, you’ll realize that it does not receive much activity, but it is a good idea to market your books and yourself via a social media website such as Facebook or Twitter. Billions of people use Facebook on a daily basis, browsing their friends profiles, pictures, and other groups companies used to market their products. What better way to broadcast yourself or your book than by showcasing it on a site used by that many people? You could use these different social media websites to post about your books that are recently published as well as interviews you are a part of along with many other different pr related stuff. This is something I feel could be highly beneficial for aspiring authors.

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  1. Margaret Kennelly says:

    I agree with the use of social media as a way to broadcast yourself and to promote your works, but it may not be the best way to start as an author. In order to get things published you have to actually submit to a magazine or publisher, and while some are online, I don’t think the editors would be appreciative of using a blog as a reason to be published.

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