Resistant Engaged Poems

As I worked on and researched for my paper\project 2 I now only agree more that I enjoy reading more resistant poems and creating more resistant poems. If I posted my poem, I would not be able to say (nor would you) that it is of an Ezra Pound\T.S. Eliot-intensity, but that it does have some of the elements of engaged poetry and now everything right away makes absolutely perfect sense.

Of course, to me it does because I wrote it and I know what my intention was, but as I was writing (a poem on major crimes in the U.S.) I realized how I enjoy looking things to maneuver into a poem. I felt like it increased its depth so much. However, personally I enjoy looking up unfamiliar words in poems whether it be dates or names or simply unfamiliar language because it pulls me closer and opens up such a vast space for interpretation and creativity.

Here is a bit of my poem, for kicks:

what is a luxury?

kisses from a toddler,

a lover?


the one

that you love?

not foreign fingertips,

unfamiliar lips?


Third largest international crime industry.

Generates a profit of 32 million a year.


lemon pound cake?


a pound of rice,

for the month?


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