2014 Lucia Gets Reading Part 2

The other day, I wrote about how much I enjoyed the 2014 Lucia Getsi Poetry Event held at Ewing Manor. Listening to poetry and drinking fantastic wine was a great way to start my Thursday night. When i wrote about it the other day, I talked about how Jason Bredle was my favorite poet of the night. His dry sense of humor and intrinsic wit kept me entertained throughout his entire performance. He may have been my absolute favorite, but Monica A. Hand was an incredibly close second. Her delivery was the best because she seemed the most at ease and she seemed like she had practiced her performance more than anyone. I thoroughly enjoyed the depth of each of her poems, specifically her talks about race and her view of ethnicity. She would emphasize her points quite emphatically, keeping everyone in the room mesmerized to her every word. Attached is a few of her poems, some of which she read in this poetry event.

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