Lucia Getsi Reading Poetry

This past Thursday, I attended the 2nd Annual Lucia Getsi Poetry Reading Event at Ewing Manor here in Bloomington. Being my first poetry event of the semester, I was anxious to see what I was getting myself into. When I arrived, and immediately saw a table with good wine, I knew I came to the right event. In all seriousness, I feel I truly got a firm sense of what slam poetry is all about and how difficult it must be for some of these poets. Each poet who recited his work spoke for approximately fifteen minutes. They would recite a number of their poems to a crowd, receiving laughs and claps from a majority of those present. I thoroughly enjoyed each poet, but the second poet, Jason Bredle was my absolute favorite. When he first stood up, I thought he seemed nervous and awkward. However, once he started reciting his poems, his dry sense of humor was hysterical, leaving everyone in the crowd in absolute stitches. His poem, Not to Beat a Dead Horse, was by far my favorite and was a poem the person in charge of setting the whole event specifically asked Bredle to read. All in all Jason Bredle was an unbelievable poet and I have attached some of his work for you to read yourselves. Enjoy!

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  1. Adam Glogovsky says:

    I also attended this event with Brian and must also admit the Jason was by far my favorite poet present. Along with “Not to Beat a Dead Horse” I particularly laughed my ass off two of his other poems about deer orgies and milking a werewolf. While you might think these two topics are obscene and crude his wordplay and dry humor brought the audience to life. It might be the fact that I heard him perform his poems live, but I now believe that poetry can be funny. While I read other corky lines throughout the semester no other poems as a whole can even compare to the work of Jason Bredle. I wish I could find some more of his poems online, however I strongly advise the entire class to attend one of his readings or slams if he ever comes back in the area!

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