Ewing Manor Event: Jesse Nissim

I happened to attend the co-curricular event at the Ewing Manor this past Thursday and was thoroughly impressed. Going into my first poetry event outside of campus I did not know quite what to expect. Now afterwards, without doubt, I can admit I’m intrigued to attend more of these in the future. Along with Jason, the poet Brian wrote about, Jesse was also just as talented. While her style differed from Jason’s no one can argue that she was not a talented young poet. One poem in particular that she shared was “Fire.” This poem had recently won 1st place in Spoon River’s 2013 contest. The presenter of the event could not wait for Jesse to recite this piece and I cannot blame her as it captured the audience instantly. The theme of the poem is summed up in the final two lines. Throughout it brings up many instances, some humorous, and unrelates them to the subject at hand. I was blown away once she concluded performing this piece, what do you all think?


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