Sun Hybrid

Last week I found a great anthology of poems that was online that varied in forms of style and subject. After class yesterday I realized that all the poems can be considered ‘hybrid’ poems and I wanted to talk about one in particular. One of my favorite poems that I think best shows this hybrid-ness is “When the Sun Turns to Glass” by Sally Ann Roberts and is found on page 16 of this collection. The poem follows the more traditional style in the way that it refers to and talks about nature. It describes the beams of light that shine through the glass, the wind that blows outside, and even the colors that are created. There is even an allusion to the roman goddess of the dawn, Aurora, who is often used in sexual poetry. This makes a few of the lines more interesting and less G rated than I thought it was originally. The more ‘avant-garde’ parts of the poem are the formation of the poem. It is in a rhyming couplet style, but at the same time is an acrostic poem with the phrase “When the sun turns to glass.” In this way the poem is a hybrid poem, or at least I think so. What do you guys think about this poem and the collection?

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