Does poetry need to be complex in order to be good?

After our discussion in class on Wednesday about whether or not a poem needed to be complicated in order to be “good” really got me thinking. I placed myself in the middle of the room because I was not sure which side I wanted to go with. But I think after thinking about it, I think it entirely depends on the reader. If someone wants to analyze a poem, they are going to analyze no matter what, even if it’s simple ya know? I don’t think a poet’s success depends on the complexity of the poems that they right, but instead it depends on who decides to read it. I was looking on google and I stumbled upon this site where a person wrote an article about the do’s and don’t’s of poetry and how to write it. I’m not sure how I feel about the article, so I will leave that up to you guys to decide! I do think it is interesting but then again why should poetry have a rule book?

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  1. I think being in the middle isn’t a bad thing! I agree with you that it depends on the reader, and perhaps how much you’re wanting to learn or get out of a poem in the end, anyways, maybe? I know several of my friends love English while others would find it just a waste of time to unfold and prod a poem. Also, I like that you said you don’t think poetry should have rules, really! I don’t think it can!

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